If you like lager, you’ll LOVE Purity Lawless!

We absolutely love sourcing local produce and supporting smaller, local business – this is a fundamental part of what we do.

We started supplying Purity (a Warwickshire based brewery) ‘Mad Goose’ and it was so popular, we have decided to introduce cans of purity lawless over at The Red Lion in Hellidon (Because we’re trendy like that!)

Lawless follows the 500- year-old Bavarian brewing law to achieve traditional purity using only four ingredients.

Pilgrim, El Dorado and Styrian Goldings hops. With Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Caragold, lager yeast and our own mineral rich local water.

Coolly lagered for 40 days & a dash of hops for a sharp, citrusy kick.

Lawless Lager is best served with spicy foods, tempura dishes and smoked or cured meats. The perfect accompaniment to Pot roasted cod, chick peas and chorizo.

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